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What makes your storage system different than Sia, Filecoin or any other Blockchain storage?

We are focused on developing a storage system that follows healthcare compliance laws and provides secure storage aimed at healthcare providers and enterprise. Unlike Sia, Filecoin and consumer-focused storage companies, we have to provide an extra layer of compatibility and reliability for existing healthcare IT. We conform to DICOM standards for medical imaging and provide HL7 and FHIR interfaces to connect with EMR and PACS. In addition, for US-based healthcare providers, we guarantee HIPAA compliant storage.

Filecoin is based on IPFS which is a hypermedia protocol aimed at replacing http. With IPFS, you can quickly handle content-based searches using the hash of the file. Siacoin, on the other hand, has a protocol that identifies both the host user and the file and provides guarantees around the file staying on the network. We are considering both implementations and are currently building on top of IPFS with our own custom broker APIs on top to implement both reliability and payments on the network.

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